Umpqua National Forest
Park Overview
Located within the western slopes of the Cascades in southwest Oregon, lies the Umpqua National Forest comprising nearly a million acres. The Forest is known for countless recreation opportunities in this unique area where two beautiful rivers, the North and South Umpqua, begin deep within the Forest and flow westward to the Pacific Ocean.
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Recreational Activities - Hiking

Trails on the Umpqua National Forest

Map of Trails on the Umpqua National Forest

Diamond Lake Trail Conditions

North Umpqua Trail Conditions

Northwest Forest Pass

Please contact your local Ranger District Office to report any trails in need of maintenance (i.e. downed logs across the trail, or any hazardous conditions). Please supply trail name/number with specific area location (GPS data welcome!).

Rock Climbing and Rappelling
Rock climbing is one of many activities with the potential to affect local natural resources. A seasonal restriction has been applied to the areas listed below to protect natural resource values. Climbing is prohibited from January 1 through July 31 at the following areas:

Acker Rock, Tiller Ranger District

Eagle Rock, Diamond Lake Ranger Distric

Limpy Rock, North Umpqua Ranger District

Rattlesnake Rock, Diamond Lake Ranger Distict

Trail Creek, Tiller Ranger District

There may be other rocks on the Forest with similar restrictions. Before climbing, check with the individual Ranger District or the Supervisor�s Office of the Umpqua National Forest for more information.

Cottage Grove Ranger District - 541-767-5000 Tiller Ranger District - 541-825-3201 North Umpqua Ranger District - 541-496-3532 Diamond Lake Ranger Distict - 541-498-2531 Supervisor�s Office - 541-672-6601

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October 5, by Honey
I miss that forest SO much
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