Woomargama National Park
Park Overview
Woomargama National Park is the largest protected area of forest west of the Great Dividing Range. This place is great for camping, hiking and 4WD touring near Holbrook and Albury. It’s hardly a surprise that the vast expanse of Woomargama National Park, which is the largest protected area west of the Great Dividing Range, is home to a large number of endangered species. Birdwatching reveals wonders such as the regent honeyeater, superb parrot and powerful owl.If you’re camping here, then you can indulge in lots of wildlife watching. There are two campgrounds, both of which offer peace and quiet away from the fast-paced world. You're unlikely to have a more soothing picnic.Hume and Hovell walking track cuts through Woomargama, so you can pick up its trail and go hiking through the bush. There are plenty of unsealed routes to test the capabilities of your 4WD or your cycling skills on a mountain bike. But you could just soak up the fresh air on foot, admire the multitude of wildflowers and enjoy the view. From Norths lookout, the vistas are among the most spectacular in the region.
History of the Area
Talk about an interesting past - Woomargama has just that. In 1924, explorers Hamilton Hume and William Hovell set off from Sydney to see if there was an overland route to Melbourne. While you're there, you'll appreciate how difficult their hiking must've been. Hume and Hovell walking track, a 440km bushwalking trail from Yass to Albury, almost directly follows their footsteps. Before it was named a national park, parts of Woomargama were mined for tin and used as grazing land.
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