Femundsmarka National Park
Park Overview
Femundsmarka was originally protected on 09.07.1971, but was expanded by kgl res. of 21.02.2003. The national park is located in Røros municipality, Sør-Trøndelag county and in Engerdal municipality, Hedmark county. In total, the park covers an area of ​​573 km2. The National Park is located as part of a large wilderness area in the middle of a sparsely populated part of Scandinavia, far from important traffic arteries. Here are six areas on both sides of the border guard. The combination of the block land, the steep forest and all the lakes gives the Femundsmarka a very special touch that misses its parable in Europe. The main impression is a meager landscape, but small patches of calcareous spruce contribute to flowering ramparts. We find a plethora of fishing lakes and wetlands with ducks, pockets and waders. Lucky hikers can experience osprey and musk, and in wintertime you can see traces of otters and wolverines. Stone Age settlements show that people have lived here for thousands of years. There are also Sami cultural monuments, and domestic reindeer are still the mammals you most often encounter. Red-listed fungal species have been detected: long-hatching (Gloephyllum protractum, conscientious, 1983), feragen's searing. Of the red-listed species, wolves (Letharia vulpina, considerate) have been identified. Red List species for vascular plants have been found: Finnjamne (Diphasiastrum complanatum ssp. Montellii, uncertain, 1971).
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