Cedar Creek and Belle Grove National Historical Park
Park Overview
Cedar Creek and Belle Grove National Historical Park is a 3,700-acre park that commemorates a pivotal Civil War battle and the rich cultural heritage of the Shenandoah Valley. Established on December 19, 2002, the park is a partnership park, meaning it is managed collaboratively by the National Park Service and several other organizations. The park's main feature is the Cedar Creek Battlefield, where the Battle of Cedar Creek was fought on October 19, 1864, a Union victory that helped secure President Abraham Lincoln's reelection.

The park also includes the Belle Grove Plantation, a historic 1797 manor house that was at the center of the battlefield and served as Union General Philip Sheridan's headquarters. Visitors can explore the grounds, which offer interpretive programs, living history events, and guided tours that delve into the area's history, including the impact of the battle and the stories of the people who lived and fought here. The park's visitor center provides exhibits and information

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