Budderoo National Park
Park Overview
Budderoo National Park, on the south coast of NSW, is known for its gorgeous waterfalls and lookouts. Enjoy rainforest walks and birdwatching opportunities on a school excursion or day trip. Nature-lovers will be in their element at beautiful Budderoo National Park. From pristine rainforest walks to gorgeous waterfalls and stunning lookouts, it’s easy to create a memorable itinerary through this enchanting haven.Stop by the multi award-winning Minnamurra Visitor Centre, then take to its elevated walkways and paved tracks and lose yourself in the lush beauty of the rainforest. See if you can spot a shy lyrebird in the undergrowth while you’re there. Afterwards, relax over lunch at the picnic area or at the Lyrebird Cafe.Drive up to the plateau above Minnamurra Rainforest and discover jaw-dropping views from Jamberoo lookout or bring your mountain bike and ride the 24km Budderoo Track – you’ll see wildflowers blooming in late winter and spring.
History of the Area
A walk around the park reveals its many uses over the years. Spot remaining cedar trees, so prized by foresters in the 1800s. Head downstream from the Minnamurra Rainforest to see the 1853 Kelly's Cottage and its camellia tree, believed to be one of the southern hemisphere's oldest. The land's rich soil and water supply make it ideal for dairy farming, and you can still see the monument to Australia's first butter factory in nearby Jamberoo Valley.
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