Jerrawangala National Park
Park Overview
Located on the Great Eastern Escarpment of NSW near Nowra, Jerrawangala National Park offers scenic views and opportunities for taking a 4WD tour, cycling and hiking. With steep cliffs stretching all along its eastern edge, Jerrawangala National Park, just southwest of Nowra on the Great Eastern Escarpment, offers some astonishing scenic views. Particularly breathtaking are the expansive vistas of the coastline and hinterland that can be seen from Jerrawangala lookout.Follow management trails through the park’s lovely patchwork of low forest, woodlands and moist heath on the plateau, contrasting with tall spotted gum at the northern end of the park and rainforest in sheltered gullies along the eastern edge. Birdwatchers will enjoy spotting unique and threatened species in the park, such as the noisy gang-gang cockatoos or sooty owls.The park is best-suited to independent, self-reliant bushwalkers, due to its abundance of unmarked but easily traversable trails. It’s also popular with cycling, motorcycling and 4WD enthusiasts, who frequently travel through the park to the adjacent Yerriyong State Forest. The park also borders a popular reserve, Morton National Park.
Nature of the Area
Animal-lovers will find plenty to observe at Jerrawangala, while wildlife photographers can have a literal field day here. The park's wildlife statistics are pretty impressive: 19 mammal species, 57 bird species, 23 types of reptiles, and 14 different amphibians. Among the threatened species you may spot here are eastern pygmy possums, grey-headed flying foxes, gang-gang cockatoos, sooty owls, and giant burrowing and heath frogs. Within Jerrawangala National Park, there are also different types of unique and distinctive vegetation, including several significant and threatened species such as the ettrema mallee, the albatross mallee and Bauer's midge orchid. Several regionally rare orchid species also thrive in the park, including a new species of leek orchid.
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