Budawang National Park
Park Overview
Budawang National Park is declared a wilderness area, with hiking, river camping, swimming and scenic views for advanced, well-equipped travellers. Budawang National Park is wilderness. Rugged and isolated, it's full of steep mountainsides and tall moist forests. There are glossy black-cockatoos in tall eucalypt forests, shallow rivers, and wallabies in patches of grassland.The park derives its name from one of its dominant features, Mount Budawang – whose name is a variation of the Aboriginal word ‘Buddawong’. The prominence of its peak meant it was used to light signal fires and to observe the movement of people between the highlands and the coast.Today, this park is perfect for adventurers and experienced trekkers who will love the walking through remote areas and river camping opportunities. If you’re looking for a place to truly get away from the civilised world, Budawang offers a ready haven. Hiking in the park is suitable for fit and experienced bushwalkers equipped with sufficient water and survival gear. There are formal and informal walking tracks, meaning this is a perfect place to set off into the bush with a map and GPS.Come for a day walk, or prepare the backpack for a full weekend getaway. Expect spectacular scenery and plenty of solitude.
Nature of the Area
Budawang supports a wide variety of trees and plants, so budding naturalists will find much of interest here. The eastern slopes of the range contain tall eucalypt forests, temperate rainforest, and several threatened species. There are Budawang ash and pinkwoods as well. Higher up, on the summits of Mount Budawang and Currockbilly Mountain, visitors can see the endemic species of Budawang wallaby grass - it doesn't grow anywhere else in the world.
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