Morton National Park
Park Overview
Easily accessible from Nowra, Morton National Park is great for a daytrip or school excursion. Visit Fitzroy Falls for scenic waterfall views; go mountain biking, walking or enjoy a picnic lunch. Be enthralled by nature on a grand scale at Morton National Park. If the cascading Fitzroy Falls don’t leave you breathless, try the sweeping views from the top of Pigeon House Mountain Didthul.This enormous park really does have something for everyone; whether you're an experienced bushwalker looking for remote wilderness hiking, a novice mountain biker looking for an easy ride or a keen photographer looking for some scenic waterfalls to capture.You'll find imposing gorges dissecting the landscape alongside pockets of rainforest that are full of wildlife. There are a number of well equipped picnic areas and numerous informal spots where you can stop for a break to enjoy the view and if you'd like to go camping, head to Gambells Rest campground in the Bundanoon precinct of the park.The park is easily accessible from Bundanoon, Kangaroo Valley, Nowra and Ulladulla, so it makes for a great day trip or weekend getaway.
History of the Area
Morton National Park is the traditional Country of the Yuin people. Several hundred Aboriginal sites have been recorded here and there are likely many more. The park's imposing mountains, particularly Didthul, are particularly significant in Aboriginal mythology, as is the majestic Fitzroy Falls. The park's plateau and surrounding country also contain sites of great importance to Aboriginal people, whose occupation of the area dates back over 20,000 years.
Nature of the Area
This massive park is a sanctuary for all kinds of wildlife. Rainforest and moist eucalypt forest support swamp wallabies, gliders, bush rats and long-nosed potoroos. Birdwatchers will be tickled pink with Morton's residents - satin bowerbirds, green catbirds and lyrebirds call the park home, while eagles and falcons hover overhead. You could be fortunate enough to see an endangered ground parrot in the heath. And, if it really is your lucky day, maybe you'll meet a platypus or long-necked tortoise in one of the rivers.
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