Conjola National Park
Park Overview
Boasting lakes, ocean and forests, Conjola National Park is a nature-loverís paradise, offering bushwalking, swimming, mountian biking, canoeing, and fishing. There aren’t many places where lakes, cascading creeks, the ocean and vast forests come together. But Conjola National Park has it all, and only 2 hours from Sydney. This natural gem has a huge range of attractions within a short distance of some of the small settlements on the south coast of NSW.A network of tracks and trails through the park can be used for cycling, bushwalking, horse riding and car touring. Those who love the water can canoe on Swan Lake or swim at Berrara Beach. Berrara is an indigenous word for ‘snapper’, so it’s a great place to throw in a fishing line in as well.For nature-lovers, Conjola is a wild paradise. During spring, wildlflowers are abundant. The park’s large variety of plant life also means there’s a huge range of animals and birds. Eastern grey kangaroos and echidnas are common, but the noisy black cockatoos are a visitor favourite.
Nature of the Area
With open forests and scrubland, there are plenty of places to find Conjola's wildlife. Keep your eyes peeled for eastern grey kangaroos, wombats, echidnas, brushtail possums and gliders, along with a huge range of cockatoos and parrots, black swans and herons. As well as providing the perfect place for swimming, canoeing, fishing and water sports, the three lakes adjacent to the park - Conjola, Berringer and Swan - are a significant habitat for many birds, such as little terns, the endangered hooded plover and pied oystercatchers.
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