Murramarang National Park
Park Overview
Book a cabin or pitch a tent at Murramarang National Park near Batemans Bay on the NSW south coast. You'll spot eastern grey kangaroos and abundant birdlife while enjoying opportunities to walk, fish, swim or surf. Spanning 44km of dramatic coastline, Murramarang National Park is the ultimate spot to soak up some sun and explore the cliffs, headlands and pristine beaches of the NSW south coast. Be sure to pack your swimmers to hit the surf, binoculars for spotting peregrine falcons and sea eagles soaring high above the cliffs, and your fishing rod to catch dinner.This is one of the rare spots in Australia where the spotted gums grow right down to the ocean, offering plenty of shade in the warmer months and a stunning backdrop for a nature escape all year round. When you're ready to take a break from the stunning beaches you can opt to canoe or walk around Durras lake instead. The Durras lake discovery trail is perfect for kids.Murramarang is a great place to spend the day but if you’d like to stay longer, there's a good choice of campgrounds, including caravan and motorhome sites with a range of facilities. If you don’t feel like camping, book into one of the park accommodation options like Depot Beach cabins, Pretty Beach cabins, Pebbly Beach shacks or Yellow Rock beach house.
History of the Area
Aboriginal people have a long connection with the Country of Murramarang National Park, and this continues to the present day. The south coast headlands have long been a focus for economic life, giving easy access to the food resources of both the sea and the land, and plants within the park provided medicines and shelter. There is much evidence of the past today, including shell middens, tool manufacturing sites and indications of a specialised industry producing bone points and fishing hooks. Take a walk around Murramarang Aboriginal Area, near Bawley Point - there's a complex of middens that are of great cultural value.
Nature of the Area
There’s an abundance of wildlife living in Murramarang National Park, but by far one of the highlights is seeing eastern grey kangaroos that spend their days dozing near the beaches and by campgrounds until dusk when they gather to feed. In the moist forests of the park you might see lyrebirds fossicking in leaf litter. Look for the stately, strutting wonga pigeon with its pastel blue-grey back feathers and black dotted stomach. If you don’t see it, you may well hear its repetitive, deep ‘whoop, whoop’ call that carries through the forest.
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