Meroo National Park
Park Overview
Meroo National Park is a coastal playground near Ulladulla and Batemans Bay, where options for fishing, walking, paddling, birdwatching, cycling and camping await you. Meroo National Park is a pristine coastal playground near Ulladulla and Batemans Bay on the NSW South Coast, packed with natural beauty and things to do. Whether you are looking for a camping holiday with the kids, a weekend getaway and or just a secluded spot for swimming and a relaxing picnic, Meroo has something for you.You'll find coastal lakes ideal for kayaking, paddling and fishing. There are lots of short walking tracks to choose from and plenty of unsealed roads and trails for cycling and exploring on your mountain bike. It also offers excellent birdwatching opportunities and great vantage points for whale watching and spotting dolphins at Meroo Head lookout or Nuggan Point.Visit as a day trip, or pack your tent or camper trailer and wake up to the sound of birdcalls at one of the peaceful campgrounds in this coastal paradise.
Nature of the Area
The coastal lakes, foreshores and wetlands you'll find in Meroo are outstanding examples of pristine natural environments. Only 10% of NSW estuaries remain in such a natural condition. This unspoilt landscape supports endangered ecological communities like the swamp oak floodplain forest and bangalay-banksia dry forest and helps to protect vulnerable plant species such as the tangled bedstraw and leafless tongue orchid.
History of the Area
Meroo National Park forms part of the traditional lands of the Budawang and Murramarang tribes, who are part of the Dhurga language group. Meroo Lake has important spiritual significance for local Aboriginal groups because, along with other lakes in the region, it is connected to the Pigeon House Didthul creation stories that connect them with their country and ancestor spirits. The park is rich with archaeological sites including shell middens, open campsites, artefact scatters, stone arrangements, rock shelters and a burial site.
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