Bournda National Park
Park Overview
Bournda National Park is the Far South Coast’s best-kept secret, offering secluded beaches, stunning coastal walks, great birdwatching, camping and watersports. Bournda National Park is a natural playground on the Far South Coast, packed with options to entice explorers of all ages.Get away from the crowds and drive to Turingal Head, then wander down to Wine Glass Bay and spend the afternoon picnicking by the beach. Discover secluded beaches and spectacular cliffs along the rugged coastline on the Kangarutha walking track. In the warmer months, you might be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of a passing whale.Hobart Beach makes a perfect base, with excellent camping facilities and loads of activities to keep the kids entertained. Enjoy swimming in the calm waters of Wallagoot Lake. Scour the nearby coastline and Bondi Lake on short walking tracks, or head off to explore on your bike.If you love sailing or just some gentle paddling, check out the northern shores of Wallagoot Lake as well. Launch your boat and indulge in some waterskiing on the glassy waters. And, of course, the waterways of Bournda offer fantastic fishing and birdwatching opportunities, too.
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