Deua National Park
Park Overview
Deua National Park, where you can hike, drive, camp, swim, lilo, canoe, picnic and birdwatch, lies between the New South Wales towns of Braidwood, Moruya and Cooma. An easy day trip from Cooma, Braidwood, Moruya and even Canberra, Deua National Park has enough activities for everyone.Hikers can enjoy a walk from Berlang campground to gaze at the gaping chasm of The Big Hole. Further along the same track is the ancient rock feature of Marble Arch where stalactites hang from ancient elevated ceilings. Canoeists and lilo-lovers can paddle and float down the Deua or Shoalhaven rivers, both of which are ideal for swimming, while birdwatching is at its best in the spring when the birds feed on the park’s wildflowers.If you’re looking for an even greater experience, stay overnight at one of a number of campgrounds spread throughout the park, most of which are riverside. During your stay at Bendethera Valley campground, keep an eye out for remains of the area’s pastoral heritage.
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